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Property Maintenance

Keeping a building in tip top condition can reduce unexpected expense coming out of the blue. We can help tailor maintenance packages for businesses and Commercial Property, as well as residential property maintenance for Landlords.

Property Maintenance doesn’t need to be expensive and labour intensive process, often planned maintenance can help improve a building efficiency, aesthetic and lifespan. For example, changing light fittings to LED fittings. Redecorating reception areas, helping to keep first impressions positive.

What are the benefits to having your property maintained by one company?

We house a wide range of trades all under one roof. This means we can ensure any issue within a building or property is resolved quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption. Meaning less time spent by you arranging different trades and companies.

A reduced cost to you, rather than having multiple companies to juggle all at once, all with different call out charges, you can speak to us and we will take the hassle out of the whole process.

Is it possible to make visits a regular thing?

Yes of course, we will work with you to create a regular visit plan and take care of all aspects of maintenance you need. Weekly, Monthly or Yearly we can help keep your building compliant and safe.

What services can you maintain?

Full Project Management

JABPD can offer a bespoke tailored Project Management Service to ensure your projects are carried out efficiently and correctly. We believe that complete transparency and clear communication are key to a successful project.

Why is project management important?

Having a project manager can really help keep the project on track, giving you one point of contact throughout the whole build meaning you don’t need to chase multiple trades.

What can we do to help your project:

Thinking of a project but not sure where to start? Regardless of the size of the project from a Kitchen or Bathroom to a full Extension we can help. A single point of contact to refer to can take a lot of the stress away from your project.

Contact us to find out how we can help with your project.


The roof of house keeps a lid on things, so isn’t an area of the house to overlook. JABPD can cover various aspects of roofing. Is your roof showing signs of wear or in need of replacement? It might be a period property that needs some of the timbers replacing?  Either way our experienced contractors have a wealth of knowledge, Speak to us and find out how we can help.

Our contractors will take a project from the initial drawings to the installation of roof timbers, then onto felting, battening and tiling. This will save you needing to organize multiple contractors, saving you time and additional expense. Our contractors are fully insure and JABPD can arrange for any required access equipment.

Roofing Services covered:

  • Roof timber replacement or re-roofing
  • Re-tiling.
  • Tile replacement.
  • Conversions from a flat roof to a pitch roof.
  • Flat roof repair.
  • Fascia/Soffit repair or replacement.
  • Chimney work, including re-pointing.

Thinking of having some roof work carried out?

We are happy to give you our advise on the extent of work needed. It can be a daunting task having a roof replaced but we can Project Manage the whole build from start to finish, giving you one point of contact to make sure your in the know every step of the way.

Is the roof part of a larger project?

If the project is part of something more than a roof replacement such as an extension then speak to us to find out how we can help on a number of different services.

Site Hoardings

Got something to hide? Or something to keep under wraps… We can install full site hoardings to spec, from just the basic woodwork to a full painted finish.

What are site hoardings/construction hoardings?

A Site/Construction Hoarding is a stable, secure barrier around a project, development or building site. Therefore the main purpose of the hoarding is too keep the area secure, keeping the general public safe and clear of the building site.

We can commission site short term, temporary, hoardings designed to be place for a few weeks. Or a more long term solution securely concreted in to the ground or fixed to free standing ballast boxes.

Can the site hoardings have logos or designs on?

Of course, we can set up a blank canvas of a hoarding for any commercial application, that you can paint or we can finish. Why not have a Project Manager look after the work from start to finish.

Whatever the application, Speak to us so we can cover it!





Site hoarding refers to a temporary fencing or barricade system used to secure construction or development sites. It is typically made of wooden or metal panels that are connected to create a solid barrier around the perimeter of the site. Site hoarding is designed to provide security and safety by preventing unauthorized access and protecting the public from potential hazards. It can also be used to display signage, advertising, or construction progress updates. Site hoarding is a common feature of construction sites and other areas undergoing development or refurbishment and is an important part of health and safety regulations.



  • Timber – The green option. Can be sustainably sourced and re-used and is a secure and strong material.
  • Concrete – High resistance. Easy to install and dismantle so saves time and money.
  • Steel – Mostly used for long-term outdoor projects. Re-usable, easy to install and easy to customise.



Hoardings are a blank canvas and can be used to advertise the construction company, local events, simply just look appealing or blend in with the background. You get to choose how to customise your hoarding and there are a wide range of materials that can be used such as paint and vinyl. Get in touch with one of our consultants to find out more!


A sense of community can be very important to some stakeholders, and so they may find it appealing to use the hoardings to their advantage and proactively reach out to the public to make positive impacts. Hoardings can be used to provide communities with local and historical information, give a local, commissioning artist a blank canvas to display their work or simply just get the community involved with deciding how the hoarding can be used best.

Interior Refurbishments

Time to update the most used rooms of the house? The kitchen is where a lot of people spend most of their time. So if you’re looking to refurbish the kitchen we can help. We understand that interior refurbishments can be disruptive. Our contracts work to dedicated timescale to ensure everything is buttoned up efficiently and to a high standard.

Maybe you have seen some ideas you like or simply fancy a change, possibly a new layout to make better use of the Space? Either way we are happy to talk ideas and even give you our opinion. Then we can work with you from idea stage through to completion.

Kitchen & Bathroom refurbishments:

From start to finish we can strip out, make good and install a brand new kitchen or bathroom to spec. Our contractors work quickly and efficiently with the minimum disruption to you. Having multiple trades under one roof such as Electricians means you wont need to hunt around for different types of tradesmen.

To discuss designs, ideas or an existing plan you have, contact us.

Another popular option is an extension, these can be a great way of adding some much needed space to your home. Take a look at our page on extensions, it might be more of an option that you think.

Conservatories or Garden Room

Fancy some extra space at home? The addition of Conservatories & Garden Rooms can give your home some additional living space. Having some additional space can be less hassle than you might think.

The addition of a Conservatory or a Garden Room can add real value to your home. Without going for a full house extension. Visit our Extensions page to find out some more information on adding floor space to your home.

Benefits of Conservatories & Garden Rooms:

  • Increase in usable floor space.
  • Potential of addition value to your home.
  • Enjoy the light, outdoors feel without relying on the weather.
  • Use of space all year round.
  • The addition of a Conservatory or Garden room may not require planning permission.
  • Can come in a range of shapes, sizes and styles to suit your requirements.

Speak to us today and find out how you can benefit.





A conservatory or garden room is an enclosed space typically attached to a house, designed to allow for the enjoyment of the outdoors from the comfort of indoors. These rooms are often made of glass and designed to maximize natural light and views, and can be used as a sunroom, greenhouse, or additional living space. Our team work predominantly in the Kent and South-eastern area, so get in touch with our specialist consultants at JABPD today to discuss your conservatory/garden room needs and budget.


An extension can add real value to your home without the upheaval or expense of moving to a larger property. Extensions can come in all shapes and sizes, so its certainly not a case of one size fits all. Speak to us to find out just how many options there are.

Some extensions don’t need planning permission, so you may find its a lot less hassle than you think. We can offer advice and ideas to help you improve your home.

Drawing to Completion of your Extension:

JABPD will manage the entire building project for you, taking the initial drawings through to handover. With a variety of trades under one roof we can guarantee fluidity and accuracy when it comes to trades working together. From general building, through to electrical services and carpentry and joinery.

Visit our page on Project Management to see how we can help you and discuss your options.



A home extension is a construction project that enlarges a house, either by adding a new room or extending the existing ones. Home extensions can be built on the ground floor, upper floors, or as a combination of both. They are often undertaken to create more living space, accommodate a growing family, or add value to a property.

An extension can add real value to your home without the upheaval or expense of moving to a larger property. Extensions can come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s certainly not a case of one size fits all. Speak to our team at JABPD to find out just how many options there are and build your own, unique extension to accommodate the Kent and South-eastern weather!



  • Adding value to the property.
  • Having extra space without needing to move.
  • Get creative and make a unique space.
  • You can still occupy the building while an extension is being built.



Some extensions don’t need planning permission, so you may find it’s a lot less hassle than you think. You WILL require planning permission in the following instances:


All extensions for front elevation:

  • If more than half the land around the original house is to be used.
  • The extension faces onto a highway.
  • The materials used are different to the original house (not applicable for conservatories).
  • It’s higher than the highest point of the roof.
  • The eaves and ridge height are higher than the existing house (single-story and two-story).
  • The eaves height is more than 3 metres, if within 2 metres of the boundary.
  • There are raised verandas, balconies, or platforms.


Side extensions for front elevation:

  • More than a single story or over 4 meters.
  • Is wider than half the width of the original house.


Rear extension for side elevation – one story:

  • More than 4 meters high.
  • Extends more than 6 meters (semidetached) or 8 meters (detached) than the rear of the original house.


Rear extension for side elevation – two story:

  • The roof pitch doesn’t match the existing house.
  • Extends by more than 3 meters beyond the rear of the original house
  • If the side-facing windows can open, are not obscure glazed and are under 1.7 meters from the floor of the room

Commercial Refurbishments

JABPD can tailor its services to meet commercial requirements you may have for Shop Fitting and Commercial Applications. Anything from a restaurant refurbishment or a full shop re-fit. Speak to the team and find out how we can help.

Taking a project from idea to reality can be a tall order but something that requires no half measures. Is your business premises in need of improvements? Or a complete refurbishment? We understand that every minute counts when a business is closed, so we understand that efficiency and accuracy key to the projects success.

Shop Fitting and Commercial Applications:

Whether its a full team you need or just some additional contractors JABPD can help. We have trusted contractors we use and will be happy to assist you with your project. Some business may have the need for an ongoing maintenance contract. Speak to us to see how we can tailor services to help your business become more efficient.

How improvements can help your business:

There are a number of benefits to making improvements to a business premises. Some of these include reduced running costs with upgrades such as insulation, improved Electrical services or even an Extension.




JABPD will tailor its services to meet any commercial requirements that you may have for your project, regardless of the size. Anything from a restaurant refurbishment or a full shop re-fit can be achieved to a high standard by our certified team members.

Taking a project from just an idea to a reality, can be a tall order but cannot be done with half measures. Is your business premises in need of improvements? Or a complete refurbishment? We understand that every minute counts when a business is closed, so our team will always strive for efficiency and accuracy to get you back open as soon as possible. In some cases, it may even be possible to carry out the work while you remain open, so reach out to one of our team members to arrange a consultation now!



A commercial refurbishment is a construction project aimed at renovating, updating, or improving an existing commercial space, such as an office, retail store, or restaurant. This can involve everything from minor cosmetic upgrades to major structural changes, such as reconfiguring the space or adding new features. Commercial refurbishment projects are often undertaken to improve functionality, create a more modern or attractive appearance, or adapt to changing business needs.



Refurbishment and fit-out both involve renovating and upgrading a commercial space, but there is a subtle difference. Refurbishment focuses on improving the existing structure of a building, while fit-out involves installing new features, fixtures, and fittings to make the space functional for its intended purpose, such as an office or retail store.



  • Improved productivity.
  • Increased team morale.
  • Efficient use of available space.
  • Improved company culture.
  • Meet COVID-19 guidelines.
  • Energy efficient upgrades
  • Increasing property value
  • Adapting to business needs
  • Attracting more clients/customers
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